CBI+Team Dental and Orthodontic Practice Sales Grows in 2017

2016 was another very successful year for my clients and me. I was personally able to help sell several practices last year and 2017 is shaping up to be even better. Each year we continue to grow larger and become more effective. We’ve now entered the Missouri and Oklahoma markets and I continue to work one-one-one with all of my clients.

We now have a bigger, targeted web presence for our sellers. I am attending more dental conferences this year in Arkansas, Oklahoma, Missouri and Texas where more potential buyers reside. We are utilizing more personal phone calls, direct mail and emailing into our exclusive database of several thousand potential and proven buyers of practices. We leave no stone unturned when we search for the right buyer for our clients.

My professional and dedicated staff always work tirelessly alongside me to help me help our clients. I honestly couldn’t do it without them. Their loyalty, hard work and persistence pay off and it inspires me to keep doing what we are doing. With the help of them we are also reaching out to even more dental schools this year as well as practicing dentists and orthodontists who are looking to purchase or expand their own practice. It is a lot of work to do this, but we have found what works best and continually improve up on it. Helping our clients sell their practices confidentially, quickly and for the most amount of money is our goal and we continue to make that happen.

Since every practice is different, we still create a detailed and personalized marketing plan for each client contingent upon what their needs are. We strongly believe and can prove that doing business the way we do it creates a relationship with all of our clients and gives us results. We continue to personally answer phone calls, emails and have meetings with our clients whenever they require it. In other words, clients hear from us on a regular basis as we do our job and get results for them.

If you are a dentist or orthodontist who is looking to sell your practice this year or next year, please contact me today. I assure you that we will work harder and more effectively for you than anyone else. You may always reach me by phone at 1-877-582-5200 or by email at casey.grimes@cbiteam. Don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions. I wish you an excellent New Year and look forward to helping you soon.” -Casey Grimes- CBI+Team Senior Advisor Practice Sales Specialist

About Casey Grimes

Sell Dental PracticeCasey Grimes is a Senior Intermediary for The CBI+Team with a multitude of experience in business/practice sales and business management. He managed and was chief operating officer for two years of The CBI+Team headquarters in Northwest Arkansas as well as the locations in Springfield and Joplin, Missouri. Read more >>