Letter of Recommendation

Casey Grimes/CBI Team Recommendation

For all those concerned with dental practice sales:

We used the services of Casey Grimes and the CBI Team business sales organization with the sale of the Sunshine Dental Clinic, Scott M. Taylor, DDS.  We began discussions with Casey in mid-February and were able to close the sale in mid-October.

From the outset, Casey was thorough in discovering the nature of our practice.  He asked lots of questions and took lots of time to find out about our history and then to determine exactly what it was that we were hoping to accomplish in the transition of ownership.  Casey made it clear from the outset that even though much of the mechanics of a business sale are similar from sale to sale, every business sale is a customized endeavor.  Those efforts are especially true regarding the dynamics involved with each dentist’s interests and personality and the nature and history of customer care and services in a dental practice.

The “discovery” process involved a considerable amount of documentation (paperwork) as well as the question and answer interviews with Casey.  None of these activities was superfluous.  It was readily apparent that Casey and his Team had been down this road before, and they knew what was required to determine the value of the business as well as the values of the sellers.  After completing our homework, we were able to sit down with Casey and determine a realistic price for the business, a realistic timeframe for the sale, and a well-reasoned approach to finding and engaging well-matched buyers into the dialogue of practice purchase.

All of the potential buyers that Casey brought to see our office were viable purchase candidates.  By using the planning format that he did, Casey was able to sift through the speculators and merely curious candidates and bring us only people who were truly interested in buying the practice.   These kinds of efforts are labor intensive, but Casey is a high energy person, and throughout all of the phases of the planning and sales, he was determined and patient as the process worked its way forward and on to its successful completion.

A dentist might be able to accomplish all of these practice sales activities on his or her own.  But considering the time and effort and expertise that would be required to first develop the knowledge base concerning practice sales and then to implement that plan, I believe our money was well-spent in hiring Casey and the CBI Team—people would knew what they were doing from the outset and were eager to get the task accomplished.

An analogy might be like a movie star having a good agent:  the agent knows who it is that they are representing and what sorts of roles that person will be happy with.  The agent works hard to make that happen, and when it does, the agent takes his cut, the star is relieved, the contracts all get signed, the movie gets made, and everybody leaves the theater amazed, but happy.

Dr. Scott M. Taylor, D.D.S.

Sunshine Dental Clinic

“Many more references available upon request.”

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Sell Dental PracticeCasey Grimes is the owner and operator of CBI+Team Practice Sales headquartered in the Richmond, Virginia area. He serves Virginia, Delaware, North Carolina and the Washington D.C. area helping dentists and orthodontists sell their practices. Casey has many years of experience in business/practice sales and has personally sold well over a dozen practices in the past few years alone. Read more >>